29 May 2009

CME Local Directory

To enable local-directory on the CME router, you need to make sure that IP HTTP server is running. Example below

ip http server

! Display format of directory service
directory {first-name-first | last-name-first}
! url of local-directory
url directories http:///localdirectory
! Called number display to use directory for look ups
service dnis overlay
service dnis dir-lookup

28 May 2009

CME Corlist

COR = Class of Restriction is the CME take on Calling Search Space and Partitions (in Call Manager)

One major caveat is that you need to make sure the incoming "corlist" need to be a superset (larger number of members) of the corresponding outgoing "corlist"

ie. looking at the config below the outcome is;
  • DN60 can NOT call DN70 (because incoming corlist of INTERNAL is not a superset of UNRESTRICTED)
  • DN60 can NOT calloutside (because INTERNAL and EXTERNAL does not overlap)
  • DN60 can call DN80 (because INTERNAL and no corlist = call allowed)

dial-peer cor custom

dial-peer cor list INTERNAL

dial-peer cor list EXTERNAL

dial-peer cor list UNRESTRICTED

dial-peer voice 9000 pots
corlist outgoing EXTERNAL

ephone-dn 60
corlist incoming INTERNAL
corlist outgoing INTERNAL
ephone-dn 70
corlist incoming UNRESTRICTED
corlist outgoing UNRESTRICTED
ephone-dn 80
corlist incoming UNRESTRICTED


Cisco refrence link HERE

27 May 2009

Regular Expression

^ : Start of line
$ : End of line
[list] : Match a single character in a list.
[^list] : Do not match a single character in a list
. : Any single character
* : Repeat previous regex zero or more times
+ : Repeat previous regex one or more times
? : Repeat previous regex zero or one time
() : Group multiple characters into one regex (normal each character is one regex)

Note: in Cisco regex, grouping is done with \(\)

Example using grouped regex

String = abcdefghi
Match = abc\(...\) .*
Replace =
Result = def
Comment: \1.. \9 are all references to the nth grouped regex

Cisco Reference


use: tftp-server flash:/CCME/ alias so that files are avaliable at root level

show telephony-service tftp-binding

debug tftp events

03 May 2009

The Beginning

This will be the home for many of things that my brain fails to remember. I'm expecting this to grow fairly quickly. Unless I get too lazy :-/